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Go to Market Strategy for Product Branding and Design

Industry: Hospitality | Industry: Location: India

Kathi Roll Inc. is a new company that started as a delivery-only kitchen in 2020. The company wanted to capture the ferocious market of delicious and pocket-friendly rolls, an Indian delicacy loved thoroughly across Pune. They approached us to work on their logo, identity and packaging design.


To design a strong logo with a distinctive Indian element embedded.

To develop a uniquely attractive packaging design capturing the essence of Indian food.

To make the brand POP and leave a lasting impression on the customers.

What did we do for them?

Logo Design

After understanding the way the brand wanted to project itself in the local market, we designed a logo for them for print as well as digital use.

Packaging Design

The packaging was designed using the running illustration and finished with name patches for better usability. The file was adapted for print and applied on the dieline for the final cut.

What did we do for them?

Custom Illustration

We designed a busy, running illustration capturing the spirit of India with colorful elements and quirky text patches. The illustration was designed, keeping in mind the adaptability for different uses.

Visual Identity

We also designed the menu and flyers for the brand as an extension of their branding for both print and digital use.

Packaging Design

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Kathi Roll with chutney

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