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A boutique marketing agency working with niche startups and SMBs all over the world

We understand the challenges your company faces while finding talent – from quality to building a rapport to economic constraints. We’re here to provide a holistic solution.

1. Expertise

Role-Specific Talent

Our team of experts has been thoroughly vetted for your exact requirement through our 5-step hiring process, to ensure top quality talent for the role you want to fill.


Soft Skills

We place utmost importance to the softer aspects of our talent’s sensibilities. Besides being great in their domain, our talent has a high emotional quotient and shall work in tandem with your brand’s core values.


Offshore Teams

Our global pool of talent helps you harness the power of offshore expertise. Besides going global from local, you save time on recruiting and get all the benefits of having a virtual workforce – one that can work from anywhere at any time.

2. Team Dynamics


Our experts have hands-on experience in a variety of project management and collaboration tools. They are quick to learn and can adapt to your company’s systems and technology.


Exceptional Communication Skills

Our work culture is built on clear communication. Our experts can exemplify the same by seamlessly communicating with the various stakeholders.



Although we’d love to have you work with our talent for the long term, you have the flexibility to scale your team up or down within a matter of weeks. 

3. Economical

Zero-Risk Trial

Every time you work with us, you get a 3-day trial period to decide whether our team meets your requirements. If you’re not satisfied, you will not be charged (you can also keep any work completed during this trial period).



We ensure the best of talent, at cost effective pricing. Our clients have cut costs by over 50% by building teams with us. We have a simple and clear pricing strategy – no hidden fees. You also don’t need to worry about employee perks and benefits when you work with us.

Learn how Talentela helps you transform your brand – digitally and remotely.


We help brands build and implement powerful marketing and branding strategies in a 100% remote setup. When you work with us, you get hyper-specialised expert talent, you save on recruitment costs and enjoy the flexibility to scale your teams up or down within days. What’s more? We can get started with your project in less than 48 hours

1. Overview

You tell us in detail about your brand and depending on your requirement and the services you’re looking for – you can choose one of the 3 ways to work with us:

  • Build your own remote marketing team – Customize your team based on the specific roles and services you need.

  • Get services on a retainer basis – If the services you’re looking for are continual in nature, like social media marketing, you can opt for our cost-efficient retainer packages.

  • One-off services – Get beautifully designed email templates, or well-written blog articles in quick turnaround times.

    Alternatively, you can tell us what goals you’ve set for your brand, and we’ll recommend the services you’ll need to get there.

    2. Assign a Project Manager

    If you opt for an offshore remote team or a retainer contract, we assign a project manager to you who becomes your single point of contact and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and KPIs through proper planning and timely execution. We connect you to your project manager and your expert team within a span of 48 hours!


    3. Onboarding

    After matching you with individual experts or complete cross-functional remote teams, our talent seamlessly integrates into your core team to get the work flowing as soon as you give the green signal.

    Feedback and Deliverables

    Whether it’s a one-time project or a long-term retainer contract, we believe in delivering to your complete satisfaction. We are open to feedback and we love to augment our strategies to help your brand reach new levels of success.



    One of the best parts about working with us is the flexibility to choose which contract works best for you. You can choose from our no-fuss hourly pricing option, our competitively-priced long term services (monthly pay) or entirely replace your team with our specialised remote team and enjoy great cost savings.

    To understand our Flexi-Priced model better, you can visit our Pricing page.

    Read More About Pricing

    Only the best in the game.
    Our team of experts are not only super-skilled at what they do, but are also great team players.

  • From the 50000+ applications till date, only the top 4% are advanced to the selection process.
  • Our thorough 5-step hiring process ensures that our team has the top creators, consultants, and project managers.
  • Know more about our Hiring Process Here

    What do we do?

    We help brands grow through the power of digital and hyper-specialised
    marketing strategies.

    Our philosophy combines timeless marketing fundamentals with contemporary breakthroughs in the digital space.
    From Digital Consultants who can transform your business through tailored strategies to Sales Funnel Experts who can attract, engage and convert your audience – we have it all under one roof.

    Digital Marketing

    Stand out on social, convert leads through powerful sales funnels and win your TG by smart email campaigns.

    Content Writing

    Make your brand’s voice heard through crisp, clear, and engaging content by choosing our expert content writing services.

    Digital Design

    Captivate your audience through attractive social media posts, beautiful flyers, or email templates through our design services.
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